Harness Nature's Power
Halla E&C pursues tomorrow’s civilization from a light of today

Introduce Company Profile

Halla E&C a solar EPC, SPC business specialist launched the nation's first one megawatt solar power plant construction in 2006 even unfamiliar word in renewable energy. We have been focusing on the mission and role as the first generation of the solar business with carving a ceaseless research and development.
Nature to the future by idea and trust : Halla E&C is paving the way to a prosperous tomorrow.

Management of Philosophy

Halla E&C realizes state-of-the-art technology for the next generation of richer through the harmony between man and the environment.
Halla E&C's people are committed to providing smart energy for a cleaner future. We deliver on our promise by acting with discipline professionalism and honesty. With excitement and optimism, we strive for rapid growth and grear perfomance. We are strongly engaged in, and proud of, our business.

Core competencies

Halla E&C pursues the value of customers


Halla E&C is conducting the business of renewable energy construction, electrical construction, solar power installations and electrical conversion device manufacturing, overseas construction, the ICT, etc.

Nature to the Next
Today's civilization is based on nature borrowed from the future.

Welcome to Halla E&C. CEO greeting

Philosophy of Halla E&C are implementing the skills and resources needed to ensure harmonious development through the use of solar power and smart grid can be returned to the richness of nature to the next generation for new energy environment of humans and the environment.
Since establishment in 2006, the country's first private commercial grade 1MW solar power plant operates, Halla E&C has been the leading role of solar power industry, as a lead of renewable energy company. We equipped with specialized personnel and differentiated technology from consulting to construction and o&m of the industry.
The operation of power plants halla E&C constructed are more than 30MW solar power plants across the country.
Rapidly changing environment Paradigm of energy is another challenge of Halla E&C.
Increasing energy demand and the fundamental problem of limited energy resources has been changed from a one-way to bi-directional energy policy and management and from a supplier to the consumer, so now halla E&C is in the building a new business model for smart grid utilizing ICT skills.
Halla E&C does not predict the future.
Believe that the future is to create.
Halla E&C has been dreaming and challenging a prosperous and harmonious future between man and nature.
We will create the future in mind borrowed today.
Now that the future has become today.

Thank you.

Walked with a history of domestic solar power 15 years!
Now we will put on the first step of the newly 15 years.


NovAward a prize of Korea Energy, 4th the Order of Industrial Service Merit   
Jun Completion of SH solar farm power plant in Vietnam(70MW)   
JulCompletion of 'Daegu the 2ND solar energy'
DecAward a prize of Minister of Environment   
NovSigned a Daegu Waterworks Business Division Photovoltaic power generation business MOU
Mar Launched a Photovoltaic power generation business
Jul Launched a new project 'Energy saving'
OctAward a prize of ministery of trade,industry and energy at Republic of Korea Energy Show the renewable energy sector   
JunCompletion of 'Hemi solar energy'   
SepCompletion of 'Dalsung solar energy'   
AugSigned a Daegu solarcity MOU
DesLaunched a SPC Daegu solar city
FebSigned a Dalsung solar energy MOU
AprCertified for Inobiz
MarCertified for Main-biz   
OctCompletion of Halla solar park   
FebProcedure for 'Gyungbuk Uljin'Wind power permission and airflow level test
JanSelected as an specialized company of '1 million green homes project'
SepCertified for ISO 9001, 14001
DecSpin off Halla E&C
OctCompletion of 1MW commercial Halla 'Muan solar power' plant for the first in KOREA   
MayEstablished Halla E&W

Halla Electric & Construction
Nature and human coexistence, Realization of Hallal E&C philosophy of energy business

Corporate Identity

Identity A red ribbon surrounds the circle to express our energy innovation efforts toward the world.
Identity red color symbolizes our passion for the future and human-centered management philosophy.
Energy Total renewable energy solution
Electricity Performed various electrical works specialized for years of know-how
Enviroment Develop clean energy for abundant environment and nature
Construction Various engineering works, construction work, refit construction
Consulting Win-Win strategy to satisfy both customer and company
Creative Spirits Constant challenge to create new value