Operation & Maintenance
Halla E&C provides total service for stable facility operation and revenue.


Success in power generation business depends on continuing realization of expected revenue for a lifetime. Hall E&C's continuous and professional operation and management capabilities will meet customer's above requirement.


The purpose of O&M is maximum power generation efficiency of the solar power facility through the optimal condition. Hall E&C will provide professional service to maintain and improve the efficiency on the basis of specialized experience and accumulated know-how. since 2006.

Maintenance Process

Phase Identification and improvement of problems
Step1 Analysis the operation data to find the reason of the problem
Step2 Site survey on the basic technical level
Step3 Analysis on the in-depth level by the professional engineer

Phase Facility optimization through the maintenance and improving
Step1 Establishment of reliable monitoring system, additional installation of sensor and replacement of dysfuctional sensor
Step2 Analysis of database and problems
Step3 Create action plans based on priorities, analyze cost-benefit, monitor and execute progress

Phase O & M planning and Inplementation
Continuous improvement Mid&long term processes, Daily DB acquisition, Yearly data analysis

Continuous O&M System